What is diathermy?

Diathermy uses high-frequency electromagnetic fields applied to the body’s tissues, with the aim of increasing the body’s internal temperature and consequently inducing various therapeutic effects.

Our dVinci, dVet and dVinae equipment generates an alternating current with frequencies ranging from 0.8 MHz to 1.2 MHz. Through the pair of electrodes supplied, the energy is fed into the patient’s body, who thus becomes part of the electrical circuit.

For our bodies to be healthy, cells must maintain their electrical balance and molecules their physiological movement.

When a tissue is compromised by a pathological event, the molecules and cells lose that physiological capacity; to restore it, energy must be applied.

The condenser effect generated by our devices alternately attracts or repels electrical charges in the tissues using capacitive and resistive electrodes, which allow biological tissue to be used as an electrolytic conductor.

The oscillation generated by the displacement currents exerts its beneficial effects on all the altered components of the tissue, causing the cells to regain their physiological capacity.

The patient will experience this effect as a pleasant internal warmth.

Why is diathermy effective?

The danger of an electric current passing through the human body decreases as the frequency increases. These currents produce a sensation of heat without muscular contraction, which occurs at lower frequencies (e.g., with electro stimulators). The heating of tissues by using an alternating electric current at high frequency does not have a motor excito-action and allows a greater penetration of the phenomenon and therefore a greater and quicker effectiveness of the treatment.

For this reason, since the 1980s, there has been a development of “Capacitive and Resistive Diathermy” equipment, with considerable clinical satisfaction for both operators and patients.

The use of heat in therapeutic treatments, in fact, increases blood flow, improving the nourishment and oxygenation of cells and accelerating the outflow of waste substances. Heat also aids the reabsorption of haematomas and greatly reduces pain in chronic, traumatic and inflammatory conditions.



Effects at a tissue level: the increase in temperature generates an increase in local blood flow, which increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients, as well as speeding up the outflow of waste substances.

Effects at extracellular matrix level: thanks to the energy injected and the consequent vibration of the ions, the extracellular matrix is re-settled and therefore the damaged tissues heal more quickly.


Effects at cell level: there is a transfer of energy to the cell with the transformation of ADP into ATP. More damaged cells will receive more energy because they have a smaller potential difference than healthy cells.



Let our device take care of your patient! With this working mode, thanks to the automatic plates, you can support your work with the handpiece or you can treat large parts of the body in complete autonomy without the need for the presence of the operator.


Our patented ergonomic handpiece allows you to assist the diathermy with the effect of the drug in the treatment of all muscle and joint injures. In fact, thanks to our handpiece, the active principle penetrates deeper and faster in order to obtain faster and more lasting results. 


Without the need to use a passive plate, the operator will use only the handpiece to treat superficial lesions with ease, especially on areas of the body that are difficult to reach with other types of electrodes.


Gives the therapist the ability to operate on two areas of the body at the same time, or even on two different patients, using the two channels both in automatic and manual mode.