Despite the Covid pandemic has affected all of us and slowed down all the economical development, we have spent the last year renewing ourselves, our brand image and improving our products.

We have restyled our old website and we have launched the new one with more useful features for visitors; we have opened our social business pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn; we have started new strategic actions for the development of the foreign market.

But something important that we have developed this year and want to share with you, is the complete redesign of our dVinci devices!

The transformation begins from its look: the new design is modern, charming, refined. The new glossy black color gives to the dVinci devices an elegant and sophisticated appearance, emphasized from the blue led light.

As well as creating a more attractive design, we also wanted to make the dVinci easier to use. That is why we integrated a bright 10-inch touchscreen with intuitive and functional software to set up the various treatment programs quickly and easily.

Moreover, we have revised dVinci accessories, developed specifically for treating different areas of the body and allowing the therapist to work without tiring.

Last but not least, our dVinci devices are totally Made in Italy as they are designed and produced in Italy.

Now, you just should browse through our new website to find out more about the new dVinci devices!

Let’s take a look!


White Medical & Beauty Team

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