dVinci is the most advanced diathermy device

Diathermy means the use of high frequency electromagnetic fields applied to the body’s tissues with the aim of inducing various therapeutic effects.

Our diathermy device is a device that generates on the patient’s body an alternating current with frequencies ranging from 0.8 MHz to 1.2 MHz thanks to a pair of electrodes. Thanks to the high frequency you do not encounter the problems that would be using high or low frequency direct current such as sunburn or electrolysis. There are also no effects of low-frequency alternating current: the excitomotor nervous response that occurs, for example, with the use of electro-stimulators.

Using the human body as a condenser, the current flow generates a vibration of the ions present in the human body, raising the internal temperature without using exogenous heat sources.

dVinci ONE

Our technology significantly reduces healing, rehabilitation and recovery times from traumatic and post-operative events.

dVinci One stimulates the activation of the natural repairing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic processes by acting on the deep biological tissues in a natural and non-invasive way, stimulating the process from within.

The results are immediately felt and the effectiveness is demonstrated by the numerous case studies carried out with our devices. With the dVinci one you can choose between 3 frequency protocols, 2 working modes (capacitive and resistive). The innovative design meets ergonomics and ease of use thanks to the use of soft lines, controls designed for the therapist and a large 10″ capacitive touchscreen panel.


The oneplus includes all the features of the One and in addition provides the therapist with a greater number of accessories provided. Thanks to the greater number of accessories, all the innovative features of our devices are available, such as the possibility of carrying out automatic treatments and the use of the roll on handpiece.


The Two plus represents the state of the art of devices that produce diathermy in the field of physiotherapy. It has two channels and can exploit all the features and accessories available in order to guarantee the possibility of treating a vast number of traumas and pathologies, as well as representing an extremely useful garrison for sports rehabilitation. All the therapeutic possibilities of the device will be immediately available to the operator who will have with the machine a wide range of accessories.

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