Our technology dedicated to our animal friends

The experience gained in medicine with the application of Tecartherapy has contributed to the development of research and experimentation for the use of the equipment also in the field of rehabilitation and physiotherapy in the veterinary sector.

Diathermy stimulates energy from within the tissues to activate natural regenerative processes.

In the veterinary sector, it is an innovative therapy that has enabled important results to be achieved in a short time on a large number of animals, from small animals to horses. Constant use of the instruments on our animal friends has in fact demonstrated considerable stimulation of regenerative processes and a reduction in recovery times in the treatment of: osteoarthritis, muscular contractures, tendinopathies, inflammatory oedema, haematoma and bruising, trigger points

Some clinical studies on the effectiveness of dVet devices in the veterinary sector

  • Weimaraner, male, 3½ years old.
  • Breeding champion
  • hunting dog
  • no HD
  • 28/06 ultrasound = 3rd degree muscle injury
  • despite rest after 3 weeks still lameness in the left hind leg.

While in the healthy gracilis the hypoechogenic muscle fibres are visible together with the echogenic perimysium, in the sick one we see the anechogenic area, a real hole: the myofibrils are torn. Around the anechogenic area a hyperechogenic halo represents the inflammation. Significant muscle atrophy is also present.

Physiatric examination 1/07
• lameness 1 PS on step and in station, limb slightly displaced lat
• < time of PS support
• palpable lesion area, a “hole” in the mm gracilis can be felt
• circumference of left thigh 48 cm
• right thigh circumference 49.5 cm
• good ROM

• preventing / limiting muscle fibrosis
• < inflammation and < pain
• Diathermy at 50%
• massage, e.g. PROM / stretching
• UWTM 2.0 Km/h for 10 – 20 minutes

Ultrasound check 11/08
• lesions compatible with partial tear of the gracilis muscle
• compared to previous echo reduced lesion, 1/3 muscular thickness vs 90%
• no sign of fibrosis
• Physiatric check right muscle 52 cm, left 51.5 cm

Ultrasound control 18/10
• lesions compatible with partial tear of the gracilis muscle
• compared to previous examination the lesion is stable in size
• no fibrotic phenomena evident and no signs of acute inflammation

  • Treatments from 4/07 to 23/11/2011
    • 25 total sessions
    • on July 2 treatments/week
    • from 16/08 1 treatment/week

Right gracile, thickness 1.98 cm

Left gracile, thickness 1.60 cm

Poor muscle fibre area persists.

Overall muscle slightly atrophic but no signs of inflammation or sclerosis.

Particularly good resolution for a muscle tear, usually no restitutio ad integrum ultrasound.

  • German Shepherd, male, 4.5 years old
  • utility and defence (3rd European)
  • since May lameness after work
  • cycles NSAIDs + rest, but as soon as he resumes work, lameness returns
  • ultrasound 19/09
  • physiatric examination 20/09
  • 29/10 Italian Championship

Physiatric examination
• lameness in station 0
• step lameness 1, mild AD abduction
• biceps test = > respiratory frequency
• good before and after ROM (HD – ED free)

• < inflammation and < pain
• improved muscle mass, endurance
• US 3.3. MHz puls
• diathermy 50%
• PROM / stretching exercises
• UWTM 1.9 Km/h for 10 – 20 minutes

Treatments from 26/09 to 17/10
• 9 treatments in total
• immediate resumption of intense competitive activity
• warm up & cool down
• 28/10 Italian Championship = 8th
• never limped again

  • Labrador Retriever, Male, 7 years old
  • severe HD (worse on the right side)
  • chronic partial rupture of CrCL sn = severe OA
  • arthroscopy = partial meniscectomy
  • 6 kg, BCS 6/9
  • problem: elderly owner and living on 3rd floor without lift

• NO PAIN, < inflammation
• ROM, > muscle mass
• hospitalized from 4 to 25 August
• 4 walks a day
• Diathermy + ex PROM + UWTM – BID
• Diet: Hill’s j/d Restricted

  • happier, wants to play and run
  • wants to go for a walk and shows it
  • urinates on 3 legs (2 years since he did so)
  • better joint ROM