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Diathermy has gained an important role in the wellness and anti-aging sector for its properties of draining fluids, activating the microcirculation, and restoring correct fat metabolism.

It is a non-invasive and painless therapy that enables targeted action on those parts of the body that are prone to lymphoedema, water retention and cellulite.

The treatment stimulates the increase in internal tissue temperature, and the sensation is that of an intense warming massage with rapid and visible results from the very first session.

There are various fields of application specific to the Beauty sector, such as cellulite reduction, tissue firming, lymph drainage, lymphoedema treatment, prevention and reduction of ageing signs on the face, neck and décolleté. It has also been shown to help reduce oedemas following surgery.

Some clinical studies on the effectiveness of dVinae devices in the Beauty sector

The patient was treated for one week, immediately after the liposuction operation, with a protocol in which only automatic capacitive plates were used.

The patient did not use any type of support stockings.

PROTOCOL: automatic plate under the sole of the foot and relative passive in the renal area (on both limbs at the same time). Frequency 1 MHz – maximum power tolerated by the patient in decreasing order – Duration 60 minutes per treatment – Frequency every day for 6 days.

The photographs show the results of the first week’s work.




The work protocol lasts a total of 30 minutes; half the face is worked on at a time for 15 minutes, with the bipolar or capacitive electrode, using the appropriate carrier cream and, if deemed necessary, a specific active ingredient, provided it is water- or fat-soluble, to be conveyed into the dermis.

The manual electrode is used with circular movements and medium pressure.

The face and neck should be cleansed with toner or, even better, mechanical peeling before starting the treatment.

Start the treatment in the supraclavicular region from the inside out; continue in the same way on the remaining neck areas, making 2/3 passes for each area. The electrode pressure, both for the neck and the face, should be higher when working from the bottom upwards and lower in the opposite direction. The treatment continues in the mandibular area up to the ear and then in the nasolabial groove and zygomatic area up to the ear. It continues in the orbicularis and temporal area and ends at the frontal level.

Trattamento di idratazione_1


Trattamento di idratazione_Prima


Trattamento di idratazione_Dopo

The patient underwent a glutes firming treatment.

Thanks to the possibility of working using two independent channels, both buttocks were treated simultaneously.

The images below show the results after a single 30-minute treatment, with mixed work mode, using the manual capacitive electrode and the automatic capacitive plate, at 1 MHz frequency with high power, the maximum tolerated by the client.

In the first picture, the exemplification of the standard protocol, in particular the application of the automatic plates on the patient.

Rassodamento glutei_1



The protocol involves the use of the bipolar or capacitive electrode, with the largest possible diameter, with the passive plate positioned in the interscapular region.

The manual electrode is used with rotary movements and medium pressure. It starts in the central (sternal) area and descends laterally to the external area under the nipple and then ascends to the clavicular area (in this last ascending section the pressure exerted by the electrode must be greater). Repeat the paths shown in the figure 4 / 5 times up to the collarbone; finish the treatment by working on the area of the pectoral muscles from the inside to the outside with good pressure.

It is advisable to apply a toning mask at the end of the treatment.

The temperature felt by the patient should be intense but pleasant.

Remarkable results can be obtained from the very first application with fluctuations due to the extent of muscular hypotonia. In any case, there is an immediate nourishment of the skin, a reduction in skin and subcutaneous pastiness and muscular toning.

The treatment lasts a total of 40 minutes, 20 minutes per breast.

NOTE: this type of application is also valid for the prevention of breast ptosis.


The patient was treated for a total of 20 sessions, twice a week, with the manual capacitive electrode on the face, at low power, with a frequency of 1 MhZ.

At the same time, an automatic capacitive plate was placed on the liver and an automatic capacitive plate on the ovaries.


Acne del viso_Prima


Acne del viso_Dopo